• Moloney & Sons


Townsville, QLD


MSE was engaged as a result of our strong RPEQ Engineering Design & 3D modelling capabilities coupled with our manufacturing ability, to assist in solving the extensive constructability issues involved with the proposed design. ThePrecinct’s Covered area was riddled with complex member design not possible to clearly illustrate on paper. A raft of members involved complex biaxial rotation & tight curve radii’s beyond the members and present day manufacturing capacity.

With the presented issues at hand, MSE went to work bringing continuous engineering improvement to the design by changing member profiles & introducing custom fabricated members pieced together out of 2D laser cut parts.

Custom Stainless Steel mirror finish wrapped around columns. The columns created an extreme challenge for MSE to fabricate. After many reviews, design changes & problem solving MSE wrapped the structural steel columns in mirror finish stainless steel. Creating the desired look the Creative Architects desired.

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