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UAV Operations

UAV Operations

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Civil Infrastructure & Planning

Civil Infrastructure


Our willing and available team contribute a wealth of experience stretching across Australia to the UK, PNG & Vanuatu. Providing our clients investments/projects the best opportunity for success, through broader design perspectives/openness to innovation, problem solving attitudes and an understanding of local constraints is delivered through the following core services:




- Residential/Commercial/Industrial Land Development:


     - Rural & Urban Sub-Divisions, including Commercial precincts; &


     - Medium to High Density Urban Designs.


- Mining:


     - Haul & Light Vehicle Roads & Hardstands; &


     - De-watering.


- Transport:


     - Major & Minor Highway Engineering; &


     - Traffic & Pavement Impact Assessments;



- Public Utilities:


     - Asset Management; &


     - Water & Sewer Supply Networks.

- Briefing of Consultants and Contractors


- Management of Consultants


- Tender Phase Services


- Project Cost Estimates


- Contract Documentation


- Contract Administration


- Construction Phase Services


- Project Handover


- Feasibility Studies/Due Diligence


- Concept Planning and Reporting


- Development Approval Assessment


Water & Environmental Management

As a result of the ever increasing mining industry and growth in communities' industrial and commercial precincts, we are beginning to see the associated environmental concerns rise, particularly in our water ways. The state and federal authorities are further enforcing and developing the need for more appropriately governed water management strategies and policies. As these implementations continue to raise the cost for private and publicly funded organisations, Moloney & Sons are equipped to effectively address and manage your project for success, offering assistance in:


- Flood and Risk Management Studies


- Pollution Control Schemes

- Water Quality Monitoring and Reporting


- Stormwater Quality and Quantity Re-modelling


- Stormwater Detention/Retention Basin, Floodway and Channel Design; and


- Sediment and Erosion Control


Structural Engineering

Our ability to provide practical design techniques to our value for engineering philosophy, gears our design towards the best interest of our clients project. Our expertise covers:



Residential/Commercial/Industrial Structures:


- Multi-Level/High Rise Buildings


- Mining Structures


- Precast Construction


- Post Tensioned Structures


- Truss & Steel Frame Design


- Foundation Engineering


- Dilapidation Surveys


- Condition Reports


UAV Operations

In ensuring Moloney & Sons Engineering (MSE) stay true to our commitment in adding value through innovation, MSE have extended their professional services to our existing and new client base through the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Operations. Delivering a multidisciplinary range of aerial survey & digital investigation services, to industries such as, Mining & Land Development, Construction, Environmental Impacts & Agriculture.


A brief overview of our expertise and services is included but not limited to the below:


Mining & Land Development:

- 3D Visualisation & DEM enabling

- Georeferencing

- Point Clouds

- Surface Contouring:

- Volumetric assessment

- Quality Reporting for data control

- High end property fly-throughs



- Construction AS-BUILT verification with BIM integration

- Volumetric Surveys with 3D point clouds

- Geo-referenced Orthomosaics for data acquisition & asset inspection



- Coastal & Cliff-face Mapping

- Erosion Monitoring


- Crop Analysis (NDVI)

- Drainage, Irrigation & Dam Assessment

- LAI or CWSI Vegetation Indices



Project    Snapshots

Miles Townhouse Development, civil engineering rockhampton queensland
Miles Townhouse Development, civil engineering rockhampton queensland
Chinchilla Townhouse Development, civil engineering rockhampton queensland
Miles Townhouse Development, civil engineering rockhampton queensland
Frenchville Early Learning Centre, civil engineering rockhampton queensland
Gracemere Industry Facility, civil engineering rockhampton queensland
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